Montana gets cold in the winter…

Really cold, freezing cold, frost on your eyelashes cold… Got it?

Bozeman is definitely NOT left out.

So when winter breaks and Spring hits everyone is scrambling to get outside and do some of their favorite activities.

Fly fishing is the number one pastime in Montana.

Zoske Construction fly fishing in Montana


Actually I don’t know if that’s really true but thought I’d throw that in anyway.

Mike Zoske had a great time with his friends at Fay Ranches hitting the streams.

Zoske fly Fishing

Usually he would be hitting nails at that time,  but that day he was nailing fish!

Aspen Homes bozeman Mt.


It was a beautiful day and a great way for a  builder to take off some time.

Maybe later this spring the whole crew at Zoske Construction can take a day off  and enjoy this beautiful country this time of the year.